When it comes to bakery packaging, cupcake boxes are the must-haves. If you are a bakery owner, you should have all types of bakery packaging boxes ready for your customers so you can deliver your delicate baked items in their best form. Cupcake boxes are one of the most versatile types of bakery packaging because there are many ways you can use a cupcake box other than to hold cupcakes in them.

These boxes are designed to transport your cupcakes from one place to another. There are different sizes available, with different inserts so that you can put multiple cupcakes in separate compartments. This is one of the reasons why having cupcake boxes to deliver cupcakes is crucial. You cannot pack your cupcakes in a simple box for cake. It would be huge for cupcakes, and it also won’t have any compartments to keep the cupcakes separated from one another. Baked items are the easiest to get damaged. There are many things that can happen to bakery products on the way, and if there are no compartments, there’s no way you can keep your cupcakes from sliding into each other. Your customers can also use cupcake boxes for different things at home. 

Adding cupcake boxes can be a great addition to your packaging designs, and your customers will also not mind paying for it when they can reuse their cupcake boxes for the following things.

Drawer Organiser

If you are someone who likes things clean and organised, this use would seem most interesting to you. As we mentioned, cupcake boxes have compartments inside to keep the cupcakes separated. You can take out that insert and put it inside your drawer. This will help you keep things organised in your drawer so you can easily find things you are looking for. You can put anything in the drawer, including stationery and jewellery, and there won’t be any need to make separate drawers when you have a good separator.

Storage Box

We all have stuff in our homes that we don’t use regularly, but we still need it in our house. These types of stuff are usually found in storage rooms, and you might also use boxes to keep all the stuff in one place. Your customers can also use your cupcake boxes for that purpose. They might not be able to store big things, but small items can be easily stored in them. However, this also depends on the quality of your cupcake boxes. If your boxes are not made of good quality, there won’t be anything your customers can use them for.

Plant Pot

If you like to have plants at your place, this use will seem interesting to you. Good quality cupcake boxes won’t budge from becoming a plant pot for your customers. They can keep their plants secured in this and hand them from their ceiling to create an aesthetic look in the room. Adding soil and a small plant can be a creative way to reuse your cupcake boxes.


Some people like to do artwork, and for them, even the most useless things in the house can be helpful. Cupcake boxes from Print Monkey UK are of good quality and are easy to use for artwork as well. Your customers can use these boxes to turn them into art. Cutting the boxes into small square pieces, writing small notes on them, and hanging them on the wall is just one example of how you can use cupcake boxes for artwork.

Party Favours

If someone throws a party, they need party favours to make their guests happy. You can keep sweets, snacks, candies, chocolate, etc., in these boxes and let your guests enjoy the treat. If you provide your customers with small cupcake boxes that are built to hold only one cupcake, they can also use them to give souvenirs to children coming to their parties.

Gift Box

Creative people like to present gifts with creativity. Purchasing a ready-made gift box might not be the best option for some of your customers, as they like to make DIY gift boxes for their loved ones. At those times, you need to have boxes lying around in your house. Your cupcake boxes can serve the purpose. They can be turned into gift boxes with some creativity. It is easy to decorate them with some paper and colours, and they will be as good as new and perfect to gift someone and make their day. People on the receiving side will also appreciate a handmade gift box more than the others.

Pet’s Bed

People with pets will also find cupcake boxes very helpful. Rigid box packaging can be reused to make a bed for the bed. You can do the same with your cupcake box. Try to make it as comfortable as possible for your pet so they can lie down whenever they want. Add foam, quilt, pillow, toy, etc., there to make sure that your pet has a relaxing time while lying inside their new bed. If someone doesn’t want to spend a huge amount of money on pet beds, this is their best alternative.

Bakery Packaging at Print Monkey

We have all types of packaging available at Print Monkey UK. Bakery packaging requires a little more effort because baked items are the most delicate. They can easily get ruined by either bumpy roads or lousy packaging. You need to be mindful of the material used for your bakery packaging as well. Material that doesn’t allow the products to breathe or add moisture can ruin your baked items. 

You should do your research about the best type of material used for bakery packaging and then share your ideas with us. Our design team can create custom bakery packaging boxes for you. You can also check out our catalogue to decide what type of design you are looking for in your rigid box packaging. We have the solution for you, no matter what packaging you are looking for.