Who doesn’t love to eat cupcakes? Very few people.

We bet that most people love cupcakes at a time of their lives. They are delicious and loved by all. In the holiday season, cupcakes are especially commonly sent as gifts to relatives and friends. People love to share these delicacies with others, and bakery businesses run smoothly because of it. Cupcakes are suitable for all age groups. Everyone from the grandmother to the grandchild enjoys cupcakes, and this is one of the reasons for their immense popularity.

If you are a baker, you would know how much effort goes into baking cupcakes. They are delicate; hence, you need to package cupcakes with care. It is very easy to ruin cupcakes, and in many cases, they can be damaged while transporting. The icing slips and cupcakes slide into one another. This can happen very often if you don’t have the right packaging plan for your baked items.

Packaging plays an essential role in marketing for your business. It helps you stand out among the competitors and make your brand known to the public with the right packaging. Brands invest a lot in creating dependable and unique packaging for their businesses. As a bakery owner, you need the right packaging more than anyone because you deal with delicate products. When customers purchase baked items, they expect all greatness in them, including the taste, texture, and overall experience with your bakery. You can ensure that everything goes smoothly by adding the right type of packaging to your business.

Bakery Packaging Boxes

One of the most common packaging for bakery businesses is getting customised boxes. A custom packaging box is indeed very helpful in building your brand image. However, it can also be expensive. When you try to customise your packaging boxes, you can add details and make sure that it resonates with your vision. Mostly, big brands use this opportunity to create something unique that helps them stand out and make a statement. 

Cupcakes can also be packed in a custom packaging box. There are different types of cupcake boxes that are available in the market. You can invest in the ones that you like. These boxes have compartments that allow you to place each cupcake in a separate section. Once you start packing your cupcakes in these boxes, you won’t face any issues while travelling as the cupcakes will stay still at their places.

However, there are some small businesses that cannot invest in expensive bakery packaging boxes. It might be because your business doesn’t have a big budget for packaging, or it could be because you wish to add some uniqueness to your packaging. There are some other things that you can do in terms of packaging if you don’t want to add cupcake boxes to your packaging designs. If there was ever a time when you thought about how to package cupcakes without a box, here’s the answer to that.

Takeout Boxes

Your first option is to invest in takeout boxes. They are still boxes, but not at the same time. They are not customised boxes specially designed for bakery products, but they are boxes that are used by customers when they need to take out their leftover food. You use these boxes in your bakery business, and it will be extremely convenient for the customers as well as your business. They are very cost-effective and easy to carry. If you choose to add this type of packaging to your business, make sure you get different sizes of boxes for different orders.

Resealable Containers

Another example of a box yet not a box is using resealable containers to pack your cupcakes. These containers can be easily found in grocery stores. Once you have purchased these boxes, you also have to purchase non-skin shelving liners from a mart. You have to place these liners at the bottom of your resealable containers to make sure that the cupcakes are immovable. 

The placement of your cupcakes in this type of packaging is crucial because if you don’t place the cupcakes smartly, they will end up crashing into each other, and this can ruin the frosting. You also have to ensure that the container is kept inside the vehicle while transporting the cupcakes so it doesn’t move too much. This packaging option is perfect if the cupcakes are packed in plastic wraps or any other decorative option.

Use Cellophane

Now, back to discussing how to package cupcakes without a box. One of the most efficient ways to do that is to use cellophane to package your cupcake boxes. You might be wondering how it is possible to pack cupcakes in a cellophane, but we will help you with it. Following are the steps that will guide you to do it right.

  • Use a disposable plastic cup and place your cupcake in it.
  • Purchase a cellophane; they are easily available in grocery stores and markets.
  • Cut down a piece of cellophane (according to the measurement of your product) and place it on a neat surface.
  • Then, place the cup holding your cupcake on it.
  • Make sure it is placed in the centre.
  • Start folding each corner of the cellophane and make sure they are above the corner of the cup and not touching it.
  • Lastly, you can be as creative with your decoration as you want. Make sure your cellophane doesn’t look boring. Add your personal touch to it and make it look unique.

Use a Gift Wrapper

Another thing you can use instead of cellophane is a gift wrapper. This method has stood the test of time, and gift-wrapping paper has been relevant forever. You can follow the same method and use the cup as your base for the cupcake. You can choose from the different designs of the wrapping paper. This looks beautiful from the outside, and your customers can appreciate the uniqueness of this packaging. There’s nothing to not love about this packaging type because it’s both beautiful and cost-effective.


To package cupcakes, you can also use DIYs. These are methods that you can do yourself at home and don’t need any extra help to achieve success. The first thing you need for this type of packaging is to purchase paper cups from the market. You need to measure the bottom of your cupcakes and then purchase the cups of the right size because they will work as the base. The paper cups should also not be the same height as your cupcakes; they should be a little taller because if they are the same height, they will mess with the decorations. Following are the steps you need to follow with these cups.

  • The first step is to cut the top rim of the cup.
  • Use a pair of scissors and make four cuts on the paper cup.
  • Make sure that all the cuts are of the same depth. This will allow you to have four equal strips inside your cup.
  • Once you have put the cuts, carefully put your cupcake inside the cup. Make sure you put it in the centre, so it doesn’t ruin the frosting.
  • Gently fold the strips outside the cup and tap them carefully.
  • You can use stickers to cover the mouth of the cup, and this will also ensure that your cupcake stays intact inside the cup.
  • You need to make sure that there’s enough space between the cupcake and the top of the cup so the frosting doesn’t get damaged.

The Importance of Custom Boxes

Whether you are looking for cupcake packaging or any other bakery item, it is essential to understand the importance of packaging for a bakery business. You have to be more mindful of the risks associated with your packaging because baked products can be damaged very easily. No one likes to receive damaged products, and it ruins the customer experience.

Packaging your cupcakes in different designs can be a unique way to express yourself to your customers. However, if you wish to choose the safest option for packaging, getting custom cupcake boxes might be the right choice. Customisation lets you control the size, design, colours, and everything that goes on your bakery packaging. We have seen many bakers using several ways to package their cupcakes simply because they are unaware of this facility. All you need to do is find a retailer that can help you create unique and effective designs for your cupcake packaging.

There are boxes that come with compartments inside. This design enables you to keep your cupcakes separated from one another. If you use these boxes, you can keep each cupcake in its dedicated place to make sure that it won’t crash into other cupcakes and ruin the frosting. Cupcake boxes with compartments are the most popular and common choice for cupcake packaging among bakers these days. 

You might think that customisation increases your packaging cost a lot. We won’t lie; it is a bit more expensive than getting standard packaging. However, there are great benefits to it. Having customised packaging works as a marketing technique for your business. All you need to do is put your brand’s name and logo on your packaging boxes, and everyone who sees the packaging will know that it’s by your brand. In today’s era of competition, it is important to get as many benefits as you can. If you still choose to get standard packaging boxes or use different packaging designs that are low-cost, it will work for your packaging budget, but it cannot build your brand image.

Customisation is the only way to bring that change to your brand identity. We have seen businesses prosper by adding details to their packaging. You can also achieve the same. It is vital to acknowledge the importance of packaging for your bakery business. Cupcakes are already very beautiful, and having a packaging box that complements their beauty simply enhances your credibility as a business. Your customers should be able to appreciate your brand even before tasting your cupcakes, and that can only happen when you have elegant-looking packaging boxes.


You can make your bakery packaging memorable for the customers in many ways. Whether you choose to customise your boxes or try to do DIYs to make sure your customers get something unique and handmade, making a good impression on your customers is the goal. Your duty as a business owner is to provide your customers with value. Investing in packaging can be the best decision to make for your business. It might take a little more effort and money than you think, but if you do it right, you will be able to see visible changes in your growth. Find a reliable retailer to help you get the best bakery packaging and start gaining success.