Packaging plays an important role in elevating your brand’s success today. The competition is continuously on the rise, and businesses are looking for ways to ensure that they are ahead of their competition in every possible way. Amidst all this, it is important to know how much do custom boxes cost because packaging can bring a good shift in your marketing strategies.

It doesn’t matter what industry you belong to; if you are offering products to customers, you need to invest in your packaging. Custom rigid boxes are a popular choice for brands that want to create a high-end image for their brands. Most luxury brands use custom rigid boxes as their packaging type. It offers a great unboxing experience to the customers and enables them to identify the brand just by its packaging. 

What is Customisation?

Customisation is a popular practice nowadays. It allows business owners to personalise their custom box packaging in the UK. If you choose standard packaging designs, they might be more affordable, but they simply won’t have the same effect on your business’ growth. You need to personalise your packaging so customers can identify your brand. With customisation, you can add your logo, name, theme, and designs to your boxes. It makes your packaging stand out. However, custom box packaging in the UK has a different cost than purchasing ready-made packaging boxes. In this blog, we will tell you how much do custom boxes cost..

What is the Cost of Packaging?

If you are a new business owner, you won’t know what comes under the cost of packaging and how much money you should be prepared to spend for this purpose. The cost of packaging for your business doesn’t only consist of cardboard boxes. All the material involved in the packaging, including tape, stretch film, packing peanuts, etc., is covered under the cost of packaging. Other than these things, anything you use in order to enhance your packaging is considered a cost. In the case of customisation, the cost of packaging is not fixed because the more elements you add to your packaging boxes, the cost will increase accordingly.

Price of Custom Packaging

As a new business, we know that you’ll be in constant worry about the cost of things because you might have limited resources but a ton of things that you need to do right. There’s no set price for custom packaging because, as we mentioned, the price will go up as you keep adding more details to your packaging. It entirely depends on the type of customisation you wish to do.

There are different printing options available in the market. If you are choosing an expensive printing machine for a better and clearer design, it will cost you a little more than an ordinary machine. 

You also have a choice to print a fancy logo or a simple one. If you choose to print a fancy logo, it will cost you more because it requires more detailing. It also depends on the type of material and quality you wish to have in your packaging boxes. If you are thinking of adding custom rigid boxes to your business, it will cost you more. However, if you choose plain cardboard boxes, the cost will be less compared to other options.

You must also think about the type of products you deal with. If you are selling high-quality and delicate products like jewellery, cosmetics, skincare, etc., you will need to invest in durable boxes. These items can be damaged in transit, so you should make sure you pack them in sturdy boxes. You should also keep the size of your business in mind. If you are a big brand that deals with high-quality products, it is more natural for you to invest in high-quality packaging. Your packaging defines your business and elevates your brand image. So if, being a high-end brand, you deliver your products in low-quality packaging material, it will reflect badly on your image.

It is essential to find a retailer who’s fit to understand your vision. It’s Print Monkey that understands the value of money for businesses. You should be able to discuss your needs and packaging budget with the retailer so they can come up with something that can be covered at a minimum cost. Since the cost of custom packaging hugely depends on your choice, you need to do proper research to identify what type of material, printing, and designs will be affordable for you. You can change the cost as per your needs, and if you think a certain design is adding to your cost, you can discuss this with your retailer, and they will suggest something closer in look but far apart in cost.

Custom vs. Ready-Made Packaging Boxes

If you compare custom boxes with readily available boxes in the market, you will see that there’s a clear difference in price. You can get ready-made packaging boxes at a much lesser cost, while for custom boxes, you should have a good budget for packaging. However, there are many other differences as well. 

Ready-made boxes might be a cost-effective solution for your business, but they won’t offer the same benefits as custom boxes. You can’t be distinct, and your brand will certainly not be recognisable to your customers. If you choose standard cardboard boxes for your packaging, hundreds of other brands will also be using the same type of packaging for their business; hence, there will be no uniqueness.

On the other hand, if you choose to invest in custom packaging, you will experience growth like never before. Customers nowadays appreciate good packaging, and when they purchase something, they expect nothing but an exceptional experience with the company. Customisation enables you to add all the elements that can enhance your customer experience. It will give your brand an X factor, and the uniqueness of your packaging will make customers remember your business. This is one of the essential reasons why custom packaging is popular.

Types of Customisation You Can Do

There are different options when it comes to customisation, and you can choose which one you want to add to your packaging.

Choosing the Material

First, you have to choose the material you want to use for your packaging. Cardboard boxes are a popular choice among businesses for this. You can also choose the quality of your cardboard because there are two types in general. Single-walled cardboard boxes are more lightweight and cost-effective, while double-walled cardboard is more suitable for carrying heavy weights.

Design of Packaging

There are boxes, tubes, bottles, and many other packaging designs available in the market. You can choose one design that fits your product type most effectively. If you are a beauty brand, getting rigid boxes might be the right choice for your business. However, if you sell wine or any other product that can fit in tube packaging, you can choose those. The design of your packaging should be unique and represent your brand. 

It is important to invest your time and money in custom box packaging so your business can reach a new height of success. Try to bring something creative and timeless to your brand’s name.