Rigid boxes are hands down the most popular and high-end packaging design for any business. Numerous luxury brands use rigid box packaging to pack their products. They provide better protection and display that helps them build a good reputation with the customers.

Rigid boxes are made from solid paper with thick chipboard. They are sturdy and protective, which makes them the perfect choice for products like smartphones, jewellery, and other expensive and delicate items. They are also known as gift boxes because of their beautiful designs. 

Gift box packaging is another way for brands to build a good reputation with their customers. Rigid boxes are commonly used for gift packaging to provide the best value to customers. You can design your custom rigid boxes in the UK to fit your brand’s vision, but before that, you need to know the different types of rigid boxes that are used as gift packaging.


Full Finish

The first type of rigid box used for gift packaging is a full-finish rigid box. They are completely covered, and no chipboard is visible from anywhere. Each side of the box has a different chipboard, and you can cover it with various finishing options. You can also choose to add white or printed wrap around the box to make it look more elegant.

Partial Finish

Another finishing type in rigid boxes is partial finish. This is comparatively cheaper than full-finish rigid boxes because the chipboard is visible in this type of gift packaging. The partial finish doesn’t have finishing touches on the inside of the box, and you can clearly see the edges and the colour of the chipboard inside. If one wishes to go for a more reasonable option, a partial finish can be a good choice.


Magnetic Closures

One design that rigid boxes offer is magnetic closures. It has a magnet attached to the lid of the box, and as the box closes, there’s a snap sound. This keeps the stuff inside safe and in place and gives the rigid box a sophisticated look.

Drawer Style 

These are the type of rigid boxes that open as a matchbox. You can slide the inside of the box, and it comes out from the other side to make the inside visible. The best part about this design is that this box opens horizontally, which makes it a safer option to keep around the kids. Accidents are less likely to happen with this design; hence, many businesses prefer to add this one to their packaging.

Telescopic Boxes

This type of rigid box is also known as a rigid tray container. The lid of the box comes off the tray in a vertical position. It is a typical design for a rigid box and is widely accepted by customers as a gift box. It keeps the items inside safe and provides the elegance that a rigid box needs.

Want to Order Rigid Boxes?

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