A gift serves as a symbol of love and emotions and makes a relationship more meaningful. Especially if you are someone who finds it hard to put your love into words, a gift is an excellent way to reveal your emotions. 

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You might wander in shops searching for the perfect gift, but please remember that nothing compares to personalization. Be it the gift itself or the packaging; a unique touch will make it memorable forever.

Let us look at the different ways you can personalise gifts for your loved ones.

1. Put together a gift basket

Presenting a gift in a simple plastic bag doesn’t seem very appealing, does it? How you give a gift to someone speaks a lot about what you feel about them. Presentation is one of the most effective ways to add a personal touch to your gift. 

Consider putting together a gift basket. It looks classy and also gives the option of adding several items that your loved one likes. For example, their favourite chocolate, clothing item, or beauty product. Follow the steps below to create a beautiful gift basket:

  • Buy a visually appealing gift basket.
  • Choose a variety of gifts to place in the basket. It would be best if the gifts were in rigid boxes so they remain secure and in place. Please ensure that your gifts are meaningful and will come in handy in daily life. 
  • Be creative and fill the gaps in the basket with decorative items such as flower petals, curling ribbons, or shredded paper. 
  • Add a finishing touch by adding a small card or personalised note in the basket.

2. Add your initials

Another innovative way to make your gift personalised is to add your initials to it. This will help your loved one to remember that the gift was given by you and will also bring back all the sweet memories you have had together. You can print your initials in any style and colour and paste them on the gift. 

You could also use polystyrene to cut out your initials to give it a 3D effect. Be as creative as you want-attach ribbons or paper flowers. This will let your loved one know that you put in the effort to make the gift look beautiful.

3. Include pictures

Every picture taken together has an exciting and memorable story behind it. This is why pictures can significantly help to add a personal touch to gifts and serve as a sweet gesture that will bring a bright smile to your loved one’s face. You can use pictures in several ways:

  • You can customise your wrapping paper with pictures of you and your loved one. 
  • You can make a collage and paste it on top of the gift. 
  • You can get photo stickers made.

4. Put a small letter with the gift

Letters can never get old or go out of fashion! Especially if you are someone who finds it difficult to express love verbally, written words can be your companion. Pen down your emotions, explain what each gift means and why you are giving it to them. Write about the memories you have had together and why they mean so much to you. You can also draw your memories or something special that reminds you of your better half. 

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