Why pick cardboard for your packaging? One of the things we deal with daily as we transition to more conscientious, sustainable methods of living is our choice of packaging.

Plastic makes up the vast bulk of packaging. The majority of products are wrapped in plastic of some kind, whether it be transparent plastic film, stiff plastic containers, moulded plastic trays, plastic-coated cardboard boxes, or Styrofoam packing pellets.

Although certain plastics are recyclable, the truth is that very little plastic is really recycled. How can we improve? Which choices are best?

The demand for sustainable packaging has skyrocketed as more people become conscious of the issues with plastic and look for alternatives.

Plastics are increasingly being replaced by a variety of cutting-edge and efficient materials! However, many are expensive and difficult to obtain in terms of distribution.

That’s when durable cardboard boxes come into play!

Packaging made of cardboard has been around for a long time and has become one of the most efficient, affordable, and environmentally friendly solutions available.

Continue reading to discover why cardboard is the most cost-effective and ethical packaging option:

1. Offers durability and protection

Every business must take the crucial step of ensuring that items are kept in the best possible condition during storage and logistics. The simplest way to safeguard things and keep products undamaged without ever using plastic is usually to invest in cardboard.

Cardboard boxes are made to keep your products as safe as possible. This kind of packaging is extremely robust, difficult to pierce, guards against external aggressors and vibrations, and can stop major damage to the contents of the box.

Consumers are more likely to receive undamaged and intact products when they are packaged in cardboard. 

2. Fully customisable

The simplicity of customisation is another benefit of using cardboard boxes for businesses. Cardboard can be modified to meet the demands of both your business and your customers.

Printing on cardboard is a straightforward process. As is applying labels. Even if you don’t have much money, a custom cardboard box with just your logo on it might help people recognise your products. However, if you have the money, fully customised cardboard packaging is the greatest approach to represent your brand.

Customers receive less packaging for each item shipped since cardboard boxes are easy to customise. This frequently results in lower transportation costs and less extra packing that needs to be disposed of and recycled. Strong cardboard boxes can also be recycled or used again for storage.

3. Eco-friendly.

Packaging made of cardboard is incredibly eco-friendly. Cardboard manufacturing reduces oil and CO2 emissions by more than 50% when compared to traditional packaging materials, making it one of the materials with the lowest environmental effect.

Cardboard boxes are biodegradable and recyclable. The ideal strategy to get rid of cardboard is to repurpose it in order to reduce waste production. When cardboard packaging is left in the environment, it takes only a few months for it to completely decompose (under the right conditions). It can even be composted!

Recycling cardboard is simple and requires minimal work on the side of the customer. In contrast to plastic, there is no need for sifting, rinsing, or looking for facilities that accept various materials.

The best part is that cardboard retains all of its other properties and durability after being recycled. It can, therefore, be reused repeatedly, unlike plastics, which lose quality with each recycle. Due to this, cardboard is now even more cost-effective.

4. Cost-effective for customers and small businesses

Businesses must incur additional costs for packaging, but these costs are unavoidable. Without that outer layer of protection and a decent covering, you cannot sell anything or els, you run the danger of harming your products, hastening their wear and tear, ruining the reputation of your company, and losing clients.

We now know that packing is essential, therefore it’s time to find the most long-lasting and economical solution, right?

Small businesses frequently place a significant emphasis on packaging costs and customisation expenses when making decisions. The majority of small brands opt for cardboard packaging since it is the most cost-effective choice.

Cost-effective packaging results in cheaper products for consumers. The products typically cost less when the packaging is less expensive.

5. Cardboard Has a Wide Range of Uses.

Cardboard boxes are the best packaging options! Cardboard is a great packaging material since it is incredibly lightweight and easy to carry.

A cardboard box can be used to package practically anything, including gifts, clothing, gadgets, books, cosmetics, and small accessories.

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