Who isn’t familiar with paper bags? We all see them around us and use them for daily activities like holding groceries and even making DIY crafts. 

Brown paper bags are a staple in every household. And with an increasing approach toward a sustainable lifestyle, people are now opting for paper bags as they are environmentally friendly.

As simple as a paper bag looks, it can become an incredible craft to cater to various needs just with a little effort.

Let us look at some unique and creative ways to turn a paper bag into an aesthetic and practical craft item.

1. Book Covers

Book covers made of paper bags have been a common practice for a long time. It is easy, cost-effective, and accessible to cover your books. Customization is a perfect option if you are not a fan of plain covers.

2. Gift Wraps

Who does not love packing gifts for their loved ones? We all do, and it makes a gift more notable when one has put extra effort into it. Add stickers, stamps, and wax seals and have them custom printed according to your preference. You can look for customization options at Print Monkey, as they offer a variety of designs, prints, and texts for every occasion.

3. DIY Artwork

There is no limit when we talk about DIY crafts. It is all a matter of creativity to utilise a simple thing as a brown paper bag, and transform it into something worth admiring. Some popular paper bag crafts include lunch bags, origami toys, painting canvases for kids, puppets, and decorative items.

4. Festive Masks

Creating masks for festive occasions is a great way to reuse paper bags. Not only does it make us recycle things, but it also provides a chance to engage in a creative activity with kids for fun. Halloween masks are a hit option to make from paper bags and help you save money.

5. Woven baskets

Woven baskets are easy and fun to create for any celebration, gifting, or festival by altering the colour or adding decoration. You can find online tutorials to make them and utilise unused grocery paper bags.


People who have a love for reading know how essential bookmarks are. Another way of turning your paper bags into something functional is by making bookmarks with decorative patterns and designs of your choice.

7. Product Packaging

Business owners who manufacture products always look for unique, affordable, and convenient packaging methods. Brown paper bags are what come in handy as it is an ideal way for product packaging. You can find premium-quality paper bags with unlimited branding options to suit your product at Print Monkey. 

Print Monkey can create custom paper bags for your business with your branding logo and the type of design you want. Brown paper bags are a great way to combat the growing issue of global warming while being bio-friendly and affordable.

8. Cutlery Holders

A disposable cutlery holder is ideal for parties and get-togethers. All you need to make these are paper bags, tape, and decorative tools if you want. Disposable cutlery holders are practical and save you from broken utensils and cleanup duties. Plus, they are 100% free to make!

Apart from these, there are millions of other ways to recycle paper bags, and they are highly beneficial because of the following factors:

  • Reusable and biodegradable.
  • A great alternative to plastic bags as they can also bear weight.
  • Reduced suffocation hazards.

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