Do you wish to stand out among your competitors and leave a lasting impression on your customers? Paper Bags are your best bet! They are one of the most unique ways you can adopt to package your products. Be it food, candies, cookies, coffee, clothes, or shoes; they are a perfect fit for all! 

They offer great flexibility when designing; you can make your paper bag look as innovative and exquisite as you want. Besides their visual appeal, paper bags also serve as an environment-friendly option. They are an excellent solution to the escalating problem of global warming in today’s world. 

So, let’s join our hands to protect the environment and be more sustainable. 

The packaging techniques of today’s world have changed greatly; paper bags have come a long way since their beginning in the 18th century. They are now more popular than ever. Their resilience and ability to stand upright have made them ideal for packaging various products. In fact, paper bag packaging is now becoming the fashion and a symbol of status in today’s market. 

By using attractive bags with logos and taglines, customers can market your product and advertise your company for free. 

Eco-friendly paper bag packaging is the best choice for several reasons. For example:

1. It boosts brand recognition and sales

Packaging is one of the most effective tools to increase brand recognition. People often prefer packaging that can be reused in contrast to boxes or bags that are difficult to dispose of. The recent trend of promoting sustainable packaging materials has played a vital role in businesses’ growth and sales. Hence, you must consider packing your products using eco-friendly ways if you haven’t already. 

The most innovative way to achieve this is by using a paper bag. By providing you with the opportunity to design and print easily, paper bags are the ideal choice to make your brand look distinctive and exclusive.

2. It is cost effective

Paper bag packaging cannot only increase your sales but can also reduce your overall expenses. Since paper bags can be produced in large quantities, their production cost per unit decreases. Moreover, they are light in weight, less cumbersome, and easy to carry, making their transportation easier too. These qualities contribute to reducing the transportation costs and expenses of export. 

3. It is easy to dispose of

Customers prefer packaging that can be useful for them more than once or can be disposed of easily. Paper bag packaging covers both these domains. They can be reused, reproduced, or even decomposed into the soil since they are biodegradable. 

Plastic bags, on the other hand, release extremely dangerous gases during recycling. Since they are non-biodegradable, it is very difficult to dispose of them sustainably. Most of the time, they end up in landfills or water bodies, putting aquatic life in danger. Every drop together makes an ocean, and we are positive that the small step of switching to paper bag packaging will significantly contribute to preserving our environment.

4. It does not harm the environment

Eco-friendliness is the new trend, and so are paper bags! Embracing paper bag packaging will not only secure the environment for you but for your coming generations. It will allow you to contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of your packaging. Its non-toxic and non-poisonous nature especially makes it ideal for packaging food products. 

In contrast to chemical-intensive materials, the manufacturing of sustainable bags does not produce any hazardous by-products. Hence, if you are convinced to make your business carbon neutral, paper bag packaging is your way. 

5. It offers versatility

Paper bags offer several opportunities for customization. They can be produced in various styles, designs, colours, and shapes and offer high-quality finishing. They also provide a vintage and handmade vibe, which attracts customers. 

Moreover, bags made out of paper stand upright at all times, unlike other materials. This makes them ideal to be used as a marketing medium. Other materials often get crumpled up, distorting the images and text on them. 

Print Monkey specialises in manufacturing personalised packaging. Name any colour, design, image, or text that you want on your packaging, and we will execute it with finesse. If you feel confused about which design best suits your product, you can contact us, and our skilled team will provide an array of innovative ideas. 

6. It can fit in small spaces easily

Many people lean towards paper bags since they can carry several items and can be easily squeezed into small spaces such as a bag, pocket, cupboard, or car trunk. Since they occupy less space, more items can be transported simultaneously, bringing down overall expenses. 

7. It is strong and fashionable

Paper bag packaging can serve a dual purpose. Along with offering a great visual appeal, they are quite strong and durable. Since they are tough and spacious, they can successfully hold heavy items and pressure. Moreover, they can easily catch attention as a symbol of premium quality. 

Looking for paper bags?

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