The eco-friendly way of living has become immensely popular in the last few years, and it’s only going to get bigger. 

People are well aware of plastic’s damage to the environment and are not taking the world’s sustainability seriously. Paper bags with handles are not a popular and more practical choice for bakery packaging in the UK. We can see more and more businesses adapting to this change and adding paper bag packaging to their brand.

This not only helps in adding less damage to the environment, but it also creates a better brand image as customers resonate with this mission more. People appreciate it when a brand chooses to go eco-friendly, and it leads to a loyal customer base. In this blog, we are going to discuss the factors that make paper bags with handles a more practical choice compared to plastic bags.

They are Better for the Environment

There are way too many damages that plastic does to the world, and it is time that we start looking at it from a broader perspective. Some businesses still prefer plastic bags because they are comparatively cheaper, and paper bags can be a little expensive. However, when you look at the damage plastic does to the environment, the cheaper material starts to look expensive.

Paper bags are recyclable and don’t add waste to the world, which helps in keeping the sustainability of the world intact. Since paper bags are made from trees, they can easily be broken down and made into something else, while plastic bags need to go through long processes in machines, and they can add more waste to the world than we imagine.

They are Versatile

Paper bags can be used for many different purposes, while plastic bags have limited uses. You can carry heavy groceries in paper bags with handles or use them as gift wraps to make your loved one’s day special. They are versatile and suit many different uses, which cannot be said for plastic bags. Paper bags are also more durable and last a long time. They are also easy to print on, and you can be as creative as you want with your paper bag packaging.

Easy to Move

Paper bags with handles are not only practical as compared to plastic, but they are also more useful than paper bags with handles. We see many people use paper bags without handles while they are doing groceries. However, little do they know that paper bags with handles are a better choice. They are easy to hold and move, and the weight doesn’t feel too much, even when they are full.

Easy Customisation

As a baker, you should have personalised packaging designs for your customers. Standard packaging cannot help you stand out. Paper bags are easy to customise; you can put your brand’s name, design, logo, and pretty much anything you want on the packaging. By doing this, your customers will recognise your packaging, and your brand will be the first thing to come to their minds.

Want to Order Paper Bags with Handles?

If you want a practical packaging design in your business, paper bags with handles can provide the best bakery packaging in the UK. They will keep your baked items intact while you safely deliver the products to the customers. We have unique packaging designs for your bakery business at Print Monkey.

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