If you run a small business, you might be on the continuous lookout to add more value to your brand so that people can recognise it more. This is a race that everyone goes through, and nowadays, when the competition is getting tougher each day, you need the X factor in your brand to succeed. 

Packaging plays a vital role in a brand’s success that people might not be aware of. It is often said that the first impression is the last, and it applies to businesses as well. Today’s customer is not that easy to please. They expect a lot from brands, and when they are spending their hard-earned money on your products, they deserve to receive them in good packaging. The unboxing experience alone tells the customer how much the brand cares about them, and this is the reason why businesses are looking for options to make their packaging more unique.

Paper bags have been in business forever. Centuries have passed, but the use of paper to wrap products remains the same. For a while, plastic had taken over the market as it is more durable and stylish, but slowly people realised the harmful impact plastic has on the environment. This has caused a revival of paper bag packaging in the business world

These days everyone talks about the sustainable future and world on the internet. Social media plays an important role in promoting eco-friendly products in every industry. Some people care about the environment, and some simply think it’s cool, so they use eco-friendly products. Whatever their reason may be, it leads to an increase in the use of paper bags. Rigid box packaging is one of the most expensive and popular packaging types among high-end brands, and since it’s eco-friendly, no one has a problem paying that much money for it. 

Paper bags might not seem like the most stylish choice for packaging to you because they are simple and not the ideal choice for heavy products. However, if you can use paper bags in your business, that’s not a good enough reason to ignore all the benefits this packaging type has. Besides, there’s still a lot you can do in terms of style with paper bags.

Paper Bags with Handles

You must have seen two types of paper bags in the market. Paper bags without handles are also quite popular, and you might have seen people using them for groceries and carrying bakery products. However, you can add handles if you want to add a little style to your paper bag packaging. They make carrying the bag more convenient, and you don’t have to hold your bag to the chest with both hands to keep it safe. Simply carry it with the handle in your hand, and you can roam around freely.

There are three types of handles for paper bags.

Rope Handles

The first common type of handles that businesses use in their paper bags is rope handles. They are called rope handles because they look like small ropes, and if we talk about a popular brand that uses rope handles, it would be Apple. They have rope handles in their retail bags that make carrying them much easier.

Ribbon Handles

Another type of handle in paper bags is a ribbon handle. In these bags, ribbons are used to create handles for the paper bag. These bags are used mainly by premium brands that deal with lightweight items. Ribbon handles are not known to handle heavy products, so if you deal with effects similar to Victoria’s Secret, ribbon handles can work wonders for you.

Twisted Handles

The last type of handles that you can add to your paper bag are twisted handles. These are the most simple-looking handles one can have. Brands like Food Panda and Zara’s use this type of paper bag. They don’t come in a wide variety of colours, and you will mostly see these handles made of paper.

Choosing the Right Type

Paper bags can add immense value to your brand, and one of the biggest benefits of this packaging is that it’s extremely cost-effective. Paper bags are not that expensive, even if you add details and designs to them. You can easily customise these bags to fit your idea of perfect packaging. You just need to find the right vendor that can bring your vision to life. 

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