Product packaging has become a relevant topic of discussion among businesses as customers are not just looking for good quality products, but they also want an overall good experience. Packaging plays a vital role in customers’ decision-making process nowadays because they want to have a good experience. Lousy packaging can affect a brand’s image; hence, all businesses are now in the race to create creative and unique packaging designs.

While many high-end brands use rigid box packaging for their businesses, they make a difference for them as rigid boxes are the strongest and most elegant form of packaging. However, there has been a shift in customers’ preferences when it comes to product packaging. While rigid box packaging is relevant, and it will be, many customers are more inclined towards paper bags nowadays.

We all know that paper bags were popular back in the day when there were not as many packaging options. People used to carry all their stuff in paper bags, and it had been like this for a very long time. Until plastic bags came and people started to find them more helpful and practical. Plastic bags replaced paper bags in no time, until a few years ago, people realised the damage plastic causes to the environment. Thankfully, paper bags have come back in trend, and people are using them to carry all kinds of things.

Following are some of the reasons why your business should switch to using paper bag packaging.

Environmentally Friendly

Customers are not more thoughtful about the environment and the world’s sustainability. They want to be associated with the brands that support this idea, and they like it when a business decides to go green. It might seem like a huge step, but many businesses have been doing it to gain their customers’ trust and loyalty. Paper bags don’t cause waste to the environment and are recyclable, which makes them a more sustainable choice for the customers and your business. There are different types of paper and cardboard packaging designs you can add to your business without giving up the sophistication and quality of your packaging. We can help you come up with something unique yet sustainable at Print Monkey.


Paper bags are cheaper as compared to plastic and any other material. If you choose to add paper bag packaging to your business, it will not cost you much. You can easily adjust them and get as many designs as you want. It is also much easier to customise paper bags because they can be easily printed, which also reduces the cost. You can also easily bend the paper to give it the design and shape of your choice. All this together makes paper bags a cost-effective choice for your business.

Elevates Brand Image

Using paper bags for your packaging can help you create a better brand image for your business. People will consider your business environmentally friendly, and they have no reason to avoid your products. Modern marketing requires you to have a positive brand image so customers can feel good about being associated with your business. Paper bags do that for you as customers will know they are not supporting and adding damage to the world by purchasing from you.

Customer’s Demand

Customers these days want to have eco-friendly options in the market. There are many people who don’t use plastic at all and don’t associate themselves with businesses that use plastic. If you decide to switch to paper bags, you can quickly get those customers on board with you. It will not only elevate your brand’s image in their minds, but they will also happily purchase from you as long as you provide what you promise. This can also help you get loyal customers because still, not that many brands are using paper bags for their packaging.

Social Responsibility

As a business owner and a citizen, you are also socially responsible for some things. Adding waste to the environment will only make life difficult for future generations, and we as humans need to ensure that they live in a sustainable world. Switching to paper bags from plastic can be your little step towards building a sustainable world. It will help you fulfil your social responsibility, and your customers will also see and appreciate your sincerity.

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