When it comes to the types of packaging, there are many options available. Different businesses choose different types of packaging designs depending on their needs. Rigid box packaging in the UK is among the most popular choices as it is classy and looks elegant. Businesses with a certain image choose to add rigid boxes to their packaging so it enhances their product value. 

High-end brands have used rigid box packaging for their packaging gift boxes UK and all over the world for several years. They present their products in custom rigid boxes that have become a symbol for them. This helps the customers recognize the brand without knowing much about it. It works as a marketing technique while also providing a great unboxing experience to the customers.

Rigid boxes are usually of premium quality and used by specific brands. This has made it easier for businesses to build a good reputation by simply adding rigid boxes to their packaging designs. Customers think a brand is of good quality if it delivers and displays its products in rigid boxes. To enhance your knowledge about how rigid boxes are made, we have written this blog, so if you want some insight into the creation of rigid boxes, keep reading.


The first step in creating the perfect rigid box for your brand is the sizing. It starts off as a simple paperboard that is at least 800gsm thick. We add dotted lines to the four sides of the paperboard to mark where it will be folded to turn into a box later. We draw these lines while keeping the required size of the box in our minds so there’s enough space for the product that’s meant to be inside.


After the sizing is done, it is time to fold the paperboard following the lines we had drawn on it. We fold all four sides of the paperboard to get the shape of the box, and once it is done, we have the basic skeleton of our rigid box.


The box doesn’t itself get printed but gets wrapped with printed paper. Once we have the basic skeleton for our rigid box, we start with the printing of the paper. We put designs as we like, laminate them, and put other things on to make them look unique and beautiful. Once the paper is all set, it is finally glued to the rigid box.


We carefully wrap the printed sheet around our rigid boxes to make them look refined and perfectly designed. It works as the last finishing touches and makes all the difference in a rigid box.

Rigid Boxes for Small Businesses

There are many different designs of rigid box packaging UK, and you can choose the style of your choice for your brand. Small businesses can also benefit from rigid boxes as they help them build a better reputation and gain quick recognition. It might seem a little expensive for small businesses as they have limited funds and resources, but rigid boxes have great benefits for new businesses. It is one way to compete with established brands, and customers can also recognize their product if they have a good packaging design.

Read our blog on how rigid boxes are beneficial for small businesses to know all the benefits rigid boxes have to offer.

Custom Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes also allow you to create custom designs for your brand. Nowadays, customers connect more with custom-made designs and personalised products. It also enhances your brand recognition among the customers; hence, many brands and businesses are up for customization and bringing creative designs to their packaging. 

You can also have custom rigid boxes at  Print Monkey UK for your business. You can share your ideas with our designers, and they will work with you to bring the best results possible. You can add the designs and colours of your choice on your rigid box packaging that will resonate better with your theme and vision. You can also put your brand’s name and logo on the boxes so customers can know about your business even without purchasing from you. Customization makes your customers feel more connected with your brand and makes your packaging stand apart from the competitors. A unique packaging design is bound to leave an imprint on the customers’ minds, and that is precisely what Print Monkey UK is here for.

About Print Monkey UK

We have a fantastic collection of packaging gift boxes in the UK and a creative design team to create custom designs for your business. If you don’t like something from our catalogue or want something specific, you can share your ideas with us, and we will ensure that you get your desired packaging designs at your doorstep.