Gifts always make people happy.

We have never seen a person who doesn’t like to receive gifts. Gifts are a way to show someone how deeply you care for them and how much they mean to you. People around the world cherish this activity on holidays, birthdays, and Christmas, and we love it as much.

Gift-giving is already a meaningful experience for both parties, but one thing that can enhance this experience is noble gift packaging. When a person receives a gift, they are happy regardless of the packaging, but noble gift packaging can elevate their happiness because they will get excited to see what’s inside and have a good unboxing experience. 

Many businesses understand the importance of this factor and try to add custom gift boxes in their product box packaging. Customisation has many benefits for your business, and customers also feel more connected. These days customisation has become a trend, and many brands are choosing to get custom product box packaging for their businesses.

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Following are some of the features of custom gift boxes that will make the process of gift-giving more meaningful.


Standard gift boxes might be an easy choice for you and many other brands, but you should go for something meaningful rather than easy. Custom gift boxes allow your customers to know about your brand just by the packaging. Customisation enables you to imprint your personal touch on the packaging. Standard gift boxes will not have anything specifically related to your brand, and they will be forgettable at best. However, custom gift boxes are memorable because they are unique and creative. You can add designs and use your creativity to make them stand out for the users so they remember the experience of unboxing for a long time.


Many businesses choose to go with standard gift boxes because they think they are cheaper in cost and will serve the purpose, which is not entirely true. Custom gift boxes don’t need extra money from you; they require extra effort. You only need to put some thought into creating a custom design, and our designers at Print Monkey UK will create them within your budget. You don’t have to worry about the money, as custom gift boxes at Print Monkey UK are cost-effective and unique.

High-Quality Finishing

When you create custom gift boxes, you can pay attention to detail. Many standard gift boxes don’t have a good finish because they are usually made in bulk and for numerous businesses. The designers might not pay close attention to the finishing of the final boxes, and they will show in front of the customers. Getting custom gift boxes allows you to pay close attention to details. You can monitor the process and emphasise the finishing so the designers know they need to pay extra attention to it.

Easy to Unbox

Custom designs also allow you to decide how to open your gift boxes. If you choose ready-made gift boxes for your packaging, you won’t have any control over how they are opened because it will depend on their designs. However, if you design custom gift boxes, you can work with the designers closely to create something very close to your vision. You can control how your box opens and closes. This might not seem like a big factor but trust us; no one wants to spend several minutes opening up a gift box. It will kill their excitement to spend such a long time simply opening the box.


If you are a small business and don’t have enough resources to create custom or get ready-made gift boxes with a meaningful design, we have a solution for you. You can simply choose to put your brand’s name on the box, and it will not cost you much. Just the name on the box can make a huge difference, and it will also be considered a minimalistic design for your gift boxes. Customers these days like minimalistic things, and having a simple but elegant box with a name on it can make a difference for them.


With custom gift boxes, you can give your customers a personalised unboxing experience. It is not possible to get this experience from standard gift boxes that every other business uses. Your custom designs will make your brand unique, and customers will appreciate this unique experience. Hence, custom gift box packaging is the way to go if you wish to maintain a deeper and more meaningful relationship with your customers.

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