Rigid boxes are a popular choice of packaging for most businesses these days. High-end brands especially use custom rigid box packaging to ensure that their customers get the best experience unboxing their products. Brown paper bags have also started to get popular again, but high-end brands are sticking to rigid boxes for many reasons. 

Some small business owners also prefer to have custom rigid box packaging in their brand because it gives a boost to the brand image and gives an excellent unboxing experience to the customers. It is a good move on their part to add this type of packaging to their brand because rigid boxes are indeed the best-looking and most sophisticated packaging type. High-end brands use this type of packaging for the same reason.

They are also sturdiest and have the best appearance as compared to other packaging types. There can be countless reasons why one would choose to have rigid box packaging in their business. However, it is also essential to know that all products cannot be kept in rigid boxes. There are certain types of products that are ideal for rigid box packaging. Rigid boxes are mainly used for delicate products that need more protection, but other than that, there are also some more products that are a popular choice for rigid boxes.

Mobile Phones

Apple started it; now, everyone is complying with it. Mobile phones come in rigid box packaging because they are considered delicate products. Apple was the brand that started this trend for mobile phones, and every other business found it useful and started to embrace it. Now everyone knows that mobile phones come in sturdy rigid boxes that protect them from breaking. Apple also imprints its logo on its rigid box packaging, and similarly, many other mobile brands also do this now.


Jewellery is another delicate product that needs protection. Brands like Tiffany & Co. and other famous jewellery brands are using rigid boxes to pack their products. Their pieces are delicate and beautiful that can be broken in an instant if not kept safe. This is the reason why rigid boxes are used by jewellery brands, so their products stay safe and secured from any damage. Many small jewellery brands are also using rigid boxes as their packaging for the same reason.


Scented candles might belong to a niche market, but people use them and love to purchase good quality aromatic candles every now and then. They might not be as delicate as jewellery, but they also need protection. Most brands of scented candles deliver their products in rigid boxes because it associates with their brand’s identity as well. Scented candles are not for everyone, and a unique product needs unique packaging.

Skincare and Cosmetics

Skincare, cosmetics, and different treatment products also come in rigid box packaging. Many brands in the beauty industry use rigid box packaging, whether they are big or small. When it comes to the protection of their products, brands often don’t hesitate to spend more. Skincare and cosmetics are products that require the brands to pay extra attention to the process of making, and you need to ensure good quality because it goes on your customers’ skin. Spending so much time and energy on the making of a product and not paying attention to the packaging can be a disaster which is why beauty brands always use the best type of packaging for their products.

Luxury Products

Other than the products mentioned above, any product that is considered a luxury is most likely to be packed in a rigid box. We have seen many small businesses also getting rigid box packaging for their products; there’s no reason why a luxury brand won’t have it. Rigid box packaging is the best and most sophisticated type of packaging for any brand. You know a brand is good when you see its products getting delivered in rigid boxes. People consider rigid boxes as high-end packaging because, for so many years, luxury brands have used rigid boxes for their products.

Now, many small businesses are also adding them to their product packaging, and customers are loving it. Even if your brand doesn’t cater to a specific audience that uses luxury products, they will still appreciate you adding this packaging type to your business. It elevates your brand image as people consider your business high-end just by looking at your packaging. Hence, if you haven’t added rigid box packaging to your business yet, it is time that you do it.

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