Unboxing is an important part of shopping these days, especially when customers are online shopping. It can be challenging to please today’s customers because of their high expectations. As a brand, you need to fulfil every want of your customers, and a good unboxing experience is essential to create a positive brand image. 

If you are an online business, leaving a lasting impression on your customers is even more crucial. When customers visit physical stores, they make an effort, but it is a different scenario from online shopping. You don’t have a physical store to impress customers with your interior and in-store services; hence, you need to make a statement with your packaging.

There are many brands that give importance to gift box packaging in the UK and know what their customers want. A rigid box is the most commonly used type of gift box packaging UK. They are sturdy, strong, sophisticated, and possess all the qualities that one wishes to have in a gift box. All brands, big and small in the UK, understand the effect the unboxing experience has on the customers, and they add high-quality gift boxes in their packaging to give the customers a unique experience.

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What is an Unboxing Experience?

An unboxing experience is when a customer receives their parcel from shopping and unpacks the items inside. It might not seem like a big thing, but it can make all the difference for a brand. A good unboxing experience plays a vital role in making a good impression on your customers. You will want to have your customers back, and giving them a unique unboxing experience can ensure their return. 

The quality of your product sure plays the most significant role in bringing your customer back, but the packaging of that product is also important. Imagine receiving an expensive product in a poorly packed box. Wouldn’t your unboxing experience affect your perception of the brand?

Similarly, even if your brand is not high-end and your products are not as expensive, you provide a good unboxing experience to your customers, and it will leave a lasting impression.

Catering to Emotions

We, as humans, are emotional people. We look for things that can trigger a certain emotion, and brands need to bring out good feelings to do their magic work. Unboxing the package usually brings out emotions like excitement, happiness, eagerness and positivity when the customers like what is inside. You need to satisfy all those emotions if you want that customer to come back to you. 

Customers are not associated with your brand on the basis of practicality. There are different approaches brands take to maintain an emotional connection with their customers. It might not seem relevant, but unboxing your product is one of the easier ways you can do it. Designs your packages in a way that excites customers when they see the package and feel happy when they begin to unpack it.

It also caters to the feeling we used to get as a child. Everyone would receive presents on Christmas and other holidays, and we would feel happy and excited to see what’s inside. While we may not be able to get back to that time, unboxing packages today brings those memories back and gives a nostalgic feeling.

A poorly packaged product can ruin all this; hence, it is important to put effort and thought into designing the right packages for your customers.


Customisation is another important factor in creating packages for your business. All the brands are working to provide the best unboxing experience to their customer; what will make your brand stand out?

You don’t want the same packaging designs as your competitors, and you can create the difference by customising your packaging boxes. You can choose rigid box packaging for your brand and design it yourself. We allow you to share your ideas with our team at Print Monkey, and we bring the best packaging designs specifically made for your brand. You can add the details as per your wish to make the boxes personalised. This will give your customers a customised and unique unboxing experience and help them recognize your packaging. You can make your packaging different and personalised with this facility so your brand stands apart from your competitors.

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