There are different types of packaging materials used by brands to protect their products and provide value to their customers. Packaging works as a marketing tool for businesses these days as customers want a good experience with a brand in all aspects. Some brands might not understand the importance of the right packaging, but it significantly impacts the brand image. 

Eco-friendly packaging has also gained immense popularity in the last few years as more and more people are becoming aware of the consequences plastic has on the environment. Most people take the sustainability of the world seriously nowadays and prefer to shop from brands that are eco-friendly. For the same reason, cardboard box packaging has also become one of the popular packaging choices for customers. It’s Print Monkey UK that can help you find the right type of packaging for your business; however, first, we are going to discuss why cardboard is used for packaging and its benefits.

Cardboard Packaging

Cardboard is a versatile material, and it has many uses in different industries. When it comes to packaging, cardboard is used to store products and raw materials in warehouses, and it is also used to carry products to customers. Ideally, cardboard is used for food and beverages because the chances of edibles going bad are higher, and cardboard allows them to breathe. Hence, cardboard is mostly used for bakery product packaging.

Brands that choose to be eco-friendly generally use cardboard for their packaging because they avoid the use of plastic. Whether they use it to store their products or package them, cardboard or paper bags are their first choices. Customers also prefer getting products in eco-friendly packaging nowadays, which makes cardboard an even more popular choice for businesses.

Types of Cardboard Packaging

Following are the three types of cardboard packaging.

Single-Walled Cardboard

These are the most commonly used type of cardboard packaging if your business is looking for a cost-effective option. They can keep the products safe and are also very lightweight. You can easily carry these cardboard boxes around. However, they won’t be the right choice if you want to carry heavy items.

Double-Walled Cardboard

If you want to carry heavy items in cardboard, you would need a double-walled cardboard box. They are comparatively heavier than single-walled cardboard because they have an added layer of cardboard to keep the products inside well-protected.

Fibre Drums

These are circular containers created from rigid cardboard fibre. They can hold both solid and liquid items inside and are stronger than the previous types.

Qualities of Cardboard Box Packaging

Following are some qualities of cardboard packaging that make it the right choice for your business.


Cardboards are undeniably the most cost-effective material for packaging. It is one of the cheapest forms of packaging that businesses use, especially to store their products and raw material in warehouses. They also come in handy if you deal with orders in bulk. You can store many products in a single box, and it also saves you a lot of space and time in transit. However, there’s a difference in quality as well. You shouldn’t go for the cheapest cardboard just because of the price, but consider your needs and choose the packaging accordingly.


Cardboards are versatile and can be shaped into any form. As we mentioned, it depends on your use, and you can find a cardboard box that fits your needs. Whether it’s to deliver a bakery product to your customer or store orders in bulk in your warehouse, there’s a cardboard box in every size. They are also extremely easy to customise. You can add your designs and colours to your packaging and make it more personalised. 


If you choose double-walled cardboard, it is more durable than other types of packaging. It has an extra layer to protect the items inside, and it also makes the box harder to damage. It can put up a good fight with everything except for water. The only downside of using cardboard box packaging is that it is not water resistant, and you have to keep it away from moisture.

Looking for Cardboard Packaging?

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