When it comes to packaging, there are many different types of materials that have different properties and purposes. However, one thing every material shares in common is the safety of the product. Every type of packaging is designed to keep the products safe. Some might be better at it than others, but they all have the same purpose.

A few years ago, plastic packaging boxes used to be everyone’s preference because of their sturdiness. People used to believe that they were the most effective in keeping the products inside safe. However, things have changed now. People realised the damage plastic causes to the environment and have started switching to cardboard box packaging.

Paper packaging has always been popular until plastic took over, and people found it more useful. But thankfully, paper bags and cardboard boxes are finding their place back as people are again embracing this environmentally friendly type of packaging. Customers nowadays appreciate it when a business goes green and cares for the sustainability of the world.

Seeing this shift, brands and businesses have also started to bring this change in their values and packaging styles. Many big-name brands have announced that they no longer use plastic for their products and packages, and people have appreciated this step. Cardboard box packaging is one of the easiest ways to start going eco-friendly. If you want to start embracing paper bag packaging, it’s Print Monkey UK that can help you with it.

Following are the different types of cardboard packaging you can add to your business.

Corrugated Fiberboard

Corrugated fiberboard is the most commonly used type of cardboard packaging. It consists of three layers of cardboard. A wavy, fluted corrugated layer is kept between two flat layers of cardboard. This type of cardboard box packaging is usually used to ship products from one place to another and is perfect for carrying heavy things depending on your use. You can decide the size and width of this cardboard packaging at Print Monkey UK.

Single-Wall Board

It is a typical cardboard packaging that has a single wall of paperboard on each side of the fluted corrugated layer. This type of packaging is perfect for products that aren’t too heavy but not so delicate either. It is usually used to create boxes for shipping.

Double-Wall Board

Unlike single-wall board, the double-wall board is a cardboard packaging that can carry heavy weights and has four layers of paperboard with two wavy, fluted corrugated layers in between. This gives extra strength to the boxes, and heavy things can be carried without the cardboard tearing. It gives extra protection to the products and makes this packaging type more resistant.

Triple-Wall Board

Triple-wall boards are the strongest type of cardboard packaging. They have 3 wavy, fluted corrugated layers in between the flat layers. This makes the material thicker and able to lift heavier weights. However, this also makes this cardboard packaging difficult to use and carry. They are not commonly used, and you will only find them being used for specific instances.


Paperboard is an extremely thin form of cardboard packaging. It is generally used for toilet paper rolls and other similar uses. You can still use this type of packaging to pack the products but don’t expect good protection from it.

Single-Face Board

The single-face board is another type of cardboard packaging but has only one layer of flat corrugated cardboard, and on the other side, it has a wavy, fluted corrugated layer. This type of packaging is usually used to separate items in a box so they can get mixed or broken in the storage.

Honeycomb Cardboard

Honeycomb cardboard is a less commonly used type of cardboard packaging. It has many layers of corrugated cardboard, which increases its size. This is usually used to fill up empty spaces in the packages for safe transport.


Matboard is a paper-based material used to keep photos and artwork safe. These are frames you can attach to the pictures, and they will protect your memories from breaking. There are different types of matboards like standard matboard, white, black, and colour core matboard, etc.

Grey Cardboard

Grey cardboard is used in different industries like bookbinding and packaging products. Grey paperboard is also used for packaging purposes, but the main difference between the two is its thickness.

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