The food industry needs good packaging more than any other industry. Food items are easily ruined and require extra care when it comes to packaging. If you run a food business, you would know that having the right packaging is essential for your products. 

There are many materials that are used for food packaging boxes, but not all of them have the same properties. Food items need packaging that allows them to breathe so they can stay fresh. If you pack your bakery products in the wrong packaging, they will go bad more quickly than you think. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to provide your food items to the customers in the best shape and form. Hence, choosing the right food packaging is important for your business’ success.

What is Sustainable Food Packaging?

The use of plastic has caused enough damage to the world’s sustainability. Fortunately, people are now aware of the impact plastic has on the environment, and this is the reason why eco-friendly products are in demand. Plastic is also used a lot in packaging, and it is important to understand that it is not a good option for both the world and the food industry. There are many food items that you cannot pack in plastic, which is why paper bags are more commonly used for food packaging. You need to add sustainable food packaging in your business so your food stays fresh and customers are also satisfied. 

Materials Used for Food Packaging

For centuries, many different materials have been used for food packaging. Following are some food packaging options so you can compare them and choose the most sustainable option for your brand.


Plastic is a commonly used food packaging material, and since it can be used more than once, many businesses and customers find it helpful. While it might be a good thing that it doesn’t go to waste just after one use, it is still a fact that a lot of chemicals are used in the production of plastic packaging, which is harmful to the environment. It is one of the most inexpensive types of packaging; however, the consequences are just as strong.


Paper and cardboard are also used in food packaging as they are an eco-friendly option and also let the food items breathe. Food businesses especially use paper bag packaging because it keeps their products fresh and they are lightweight. Paper bags and boxes are also easier to customise. You can add the details to your packaging with the help of a trustable vendor. Choosing paper and cardboard packaging can be the best addition to your business, and it can also enhance your brand image.


Glass is another useful material for food packaging boxes as it prevents any moisture and gases from going inside and ruining the food. However, it is bulky, heavy, and more expensive as compared to paper or plastic. It is also eco-friendly and sustainable as you can easily use it for a long time as long as it doesn’t break. Brands often don’t use glass boxes to deliver products to the customers as the chances of breaking are higher. This type of packaging is mainly ideal for the display and presentation of your products. You can showcase your baked items in your bakery in glass boxes so they look more magnificent.


Aluminium is also an option that businesses consider for food packaging. It is mainly used to create cans and bags of chips. A lot of chemicals are used in its production as well, which also doesn’t make it eco-friendly. It is a lightweight material but still very expensive because various things are required for its production.


After discussing and comparing each food packaging option with the other, it can be easily said that paper is the most sustainable and cost-effective option. Paperboards are practical, and most brands use paper bag packaging for their food. It’s Print Monkey UK that can help you find the right paper packaging for your brand. While glass packaging is also an eco-friendly option, the cost, and risk of breaking make it less effective than paper.

However, if you have a different conclusion and consider another food packaging option that is more practical for you, feel free to choose that and provide value to your customers. The main purpose of getting good packaging is to provide a great unboxing experience to your customers, and that’s exactly what you should aim for.

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