Paper bags are a popular packaging option for many businesses. They are easily available, cost-effective, customisable, and environmentally friendly. Business owners can play around with various techniques and create exciting paper packaging for their brand, attracting more customers and increasing revenues.

However, there are some things that you must consider before designing the bag for your product. These include sourcing, sizing, printing, branding, etc. Printing on a paper bag is a great way to stand out from competitors. It allows you to showcase your creativity and personalise your packaging per your brand or product niche. 

Here are some different printing types you can select for your paper bags.

1. Screen Printing

Screen printing is a process that involves creating a stencil or mesh screen with a design cut out of it, which is then placed over the paper bag. Ink is then applied to the screen, pushed through the cut-out design and onto the paper bag below.

This printing process involves preparing the ink, positioning the paper bag, placing the screen on top of the paper bag, applying ink using the squeegee, and allowing the ink to dry. It is a fun and creative way to personalise and brand paper bags for various products.

2. Digital Printing

This printing technique is emerging and has become popular because of its efficiency. It involves printing designs directly onto the paper bag using a digital printer. Digital printing allows for high-quality and detailed designs and the ability to print multiple designs in one print run. It is also a faster and more cost-effective method compared to traditional printing methods and is an ideal solution for small quantities and results in high-quality prints.

3. Flexo Printing

Flexo printing is done by creating a relief plate with a raised image or text, which is then used to print onto the material. Flexographic ink, a flexographic printing plate, and a flexographic printing press are required to carry out this process. 

Flexo printing allows for high-speed printing of large quantities of bags, making it a popular choice for mass production. 

It also allows for a range of ink types to be used, including water-based and solvent-based inks, making it a versatile option for different paper bag materials and designs.

4. Foil Printin

Foil printing allows for high-quality and durable designs with a metallic or glossy finish, making it a popular choice for luxury and high-end bags. It can also be combined with other printing methods, such as digital or screen printing, to create unique and eye-catching designs.

It is done by pressing a metallic or coloured foil onto the surface of the paper bag using heat and pressure. Foil printing for paper bags is commonly used for packaging products in the beauty, fashion, and food industries.

Best Printing Solution

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