There are constantly new trends coming in with packaging designs, and the market is constantly on the lookout to enhance the unboxing experience for their customers. Similarly, printed cardboard tubes are a new trend allowing brands to deliver their products in tube-shaped packaging, which is ideal for perfumes, chemical bottles, and wine. Further, the material used for these tubes is cardboard, making them eco-friendly. People are more careful about the kind of products they consume these days and refrain from adding to the waste in the world. This is another reason why customers find these printed cardboard tubes very helpful and efficient.

Following are some of the benefits of using cardboard tubes for packaging.

1. Easy To Store

Cardboard tubes are extremely well-designed, and their round shape allows you to store them anywhere in an upright position. They are durable and easy to unbox. They also come in a lot of different sizes. You can make them for any size of the product. There’s also room for customisation so you can give a personalised touch to the product packaging, and customers can also enjoy a unique experience.

2. Lightweight

One of the biggest benefits of using cardboard to create packaging boxes is that it is extremely lightweight but also strong enough to handle the weight of the product. They are easily manageable at the time of delivery, and customers can also use them for other things if they need to reuse them. There’s no drawback to the weight of this packaging, and you can use different types of cardboard depending on the type of product you deal with.

3. Eco-Friendly

As we said, cardboard is the most eco-friendly material when it comes to packaging, and many customers these days prefer to associate themselves with brands that are more thoughtful about sustainability. If you use printed cardboard tubes for your packaging, it will make your brand stand out, and customers will perceive your brand in a much better light.

4. Cost-Efficient

There are many types of packaging, and some are much more expensive than others which is understandable because every packaging is made from different materials. Cardboard tubes are relatively more cost-efficient than other packaging types. Paper packaging is widely accepted for its cost as well. Not every business can afford to deliver its products in high-end, rigid boxes. Some might want to add cost-efficient packaging without having to give up on the quality, and cardboard tubes are the perfect choice for them.

5. Convenient

Printed cardboard tubes are one of the most convenient types of packaging for everyone. There is no complex process for unboxing with cardboard tubes, and customers can easily open their orders without any issues. Similarly, they are just as convenient for you as a business owner as well. They are easy to transport, don’t take up much space in the storage, and give you a lot of room for customisation.

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