Rigid boxes are the most popular and elegant type of packaging brands can add to their packaging designs. There are many different types of rigid boxes that can add value to your brand. Rigid boxes are the most commonly used boxes for gift box packaging UK. They are sturdy, elegant, well-designed, and strong, which makes them the top choice for brands to present their products.

At Print Monkey UK, you can find cardboard tube packaging and different types of rigid boxes for your brand. But first, you need to know the difference between these types so you can choose the best one for your business.

Magnet Boxes

Magnet boxes are the first type of rigid boxes that are popular among high-end brands. It consists of two parts, with one part carrying the product inside and the other serving as the lid. In magnet boxes, one side of the lid is attached to the box, and a magnet is attached to the opposite side to keep the product safe inside. This type of rigid box is easy to use, and anyone can handle them conveniently. The lids are also quick to open and close, which saves a lot of time for everyone.

Top and Bottom Structure

Another commonly used type of rigid box is a box with a top and bottom structure. It also has two parts, one carrying the product and one staying at the top of the box as the lid. This type doesn’t have any magnet, and the lid is also not attached to the box. The lids in this type are also shaped as boxes and cover the structure altogether. Many high-end brands use this type of packaging for their products because it provides better protection for the items kept inside.

Flip Top Box

Often used in the jewellery industry, you must see flip-top boxes with a shoulder. In this type of rigid box, the lid is attached to the box, but there’s no magnet keeping the products inside safe. It usually has a lock on one side to keep the box closed. It also has a shoulder on one side that stops the lid from falling if you want to keep it open. Usually, this type of rigid box packaging is used for the jewellery business.

2 Piece Shoulder Box

To add a little uniqueness to a simple top and bottom structure box, we add a little shoulder in between both parts. This makes an entirely new type of rigid box and adds more style to the packaging. This packaging type might not be as popular as the others, but it has significant benefits, as it has more power to resist compression.

Drawer Boxes

The name is self-explanatory. This design allows you to have a box that opens as a drawer. The box carrying products is kept inside a paper holder. You can push the rigid box inside from one end, and it will come out from the other side, making the products visible to you. This type of rigid box is not commonly used among high-end brands, but many small businesses add this packaging style to their product box packaging.

Custom Rigid Boxes

You can choose any type of rigid box from the above-mentioned types and make it your own. Whatever design you choose will have room for customisation. 

Personalisation of the products and packaging is an essential part of marketing these days. Customers like to associate themselves with well-known and good-quality brands, and customisation does it for you. You can add designs, colours, and prints of your choice to make the packaging according to the theme of your brand. You can also choose to imprint your brand’s name and logo on the lid so customers can recognise your packaging.

Customisation plays a vital role in making your brand recognisable to customers. Brands make custom packaging boxes to have a unique aspect in their packaging that helps them stand apart from their competitors. Having a common packaging design will not leave an impact on your customers; hence, customisation is important to leave that mark.

About Print Monkey UK

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You can share your ideas with our creative team of designers, and they can assist you in creating the best cardboard tube packaging for your brand. Contact us now, and let us help you build a desirable brand image for your business.