Paper bags make an excellent repurposing option, as we can find them in every household. Whether for groceries, product or gift packaging, or food storage, these bags are used for storing many things and can be turned into hundreds of other crafts by recycling.

Reusing bags made out of paper allows us to save money as they can be transformed into other useful goods, and also a great eco-friendly option.

If you have them in your cupboards or kitchen cabinets, now is the perfect time to take them out and try some fun and creative ways to repurpose a paper bag by following the tips below:

1. Covers for notebooks

After every few months, kids need new covers for their notebooks, and a paper bag is just the right thing. Using them to cover textbooks, notebooks, and other reading materials prevents them from getting dirty, saves the extra cost of spending on covers, and gives a chance to personalise it according to one’s preference.

2. Plant Pots

Gardening is one of the favourite activities for many people, and what better way to grow plants than by reusing the resources you already have at home? Paper bags can be turned into a pot to grow seedlings and be shifted into a bigger pot when the plant needs more space. The paper absorbs water and holds the soil, which favours plant growth.

3. Gift Wrapping

Paper is a great alternative for gift wrappings. If you are always running to the store to grab some gift-wrapping paper, then switching to DIY paper wraps is a heads-up for you. Just gather all your art supplies and create a custom gift wrap out of a paper bag to surprise the receiver. You can opt for different colours, patterns, decorations, texts, or however you feel like putting on it.

4. Storage for Food Items

For packing lunch for kids or storing leftovers, paper keeps everything fresh, avoids mess, and saves time cleaning up dishes afterwards. Sandwiches, baked goods, popcorn, and other food items can be stored in paper bags. And also serves as a microwave-safe option.

5. Decoration Crafts for Events

The festive season, birthdays, and celebrating other occasions require decorations, and you can go for paper ornaments. It is affordable, highly customisable, and an environmentally friendly option. You can make different hangings like butterflies, make masks for themed parties, and make goodie bags and lamps out of paper you have at home. It is a great way to reuse your old packaging and grocery bags and adds a special touch.

6. DIY Kite for Kids

Parents are always on the hunt for activities for their children to keep them engaged. Making kites out of paper bags is an awesome activity to spend time with your kids and to give them a chance to be as creative as they like. All you have to do is cut out the paper in any shape you like, make some holes in it, tie it with string, decorate it, and there you have your DIY kite.

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