It didn’t seem like too long ago when plastic bags took over the paper bag industry, and people are more inclined toward them because of the many benefits they offer. However, after a while, people realised that benefits were not the only thing they offered. There was way too much environmental damage that was happening due to the increase in the use of plastic. This downside made people realise how harmful plastic was to the sustainability of the world. Since then, people have started to use paper bags again, and they are back in the trend. 

Businesses have also started to add paper bag packaging to make their brand eco-friendly. This has worked incredibly with the customers as they now prefer to shop with a brand that’s not harming the environment, as a business that provides eco-friendly packaging material to our clients so they can serve their customers in the best possible way. We have come across multiple questions regarding brown paper bags and how packaging as simple as that can add value to a brand. In this blog, we are going to answer all those questions for you so you can also become an environmentally friendly business.

Are Paper Bags Better Than Plastic?

Ofcourse, they are.

If you think of it in a way to keep the world’s sustainability intact, paper bags are the best choice. They are easily recyclable and don’t add waste to the world like plastic. If we talk about the cost, then plastic bags are comparatively cheaper, but the damage they do to the world is much more expensive.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Paper Bags?

Besides having a variety of advantages, paper bags also have some disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage paper bags have is that they are not waterproof. Paper is not a waterproof material, and the bags can easily get damaged if they come in contact with moisture. Hence, it is better to keep them away from anything that can make them moist.

Brown vs. White Paper Bags, Which is Better?

If we are talking about being eco-friendly, then brown paper bags are the right choice. They can mostly be made from recycled content, and the more recycled content used implies the lesser use of fresh pulp, which makes brown paper bags more eco-friendly.

However, if we talk about strength, then white paper bags are stronger because they are made from Virgin pulp which in itself is a stronger material. Hence, there is a big difference in the strength of brown and white paper bags.

Where Can I Buy Paper Bags for My Business?

If you have made a choice to add paper bags to your packaging, you have made the right choice. You can check out our collection of white and brown paper bags at Print Monkey and get the right packaging for your business. Going green is important in this day and age now when customers are always looking for better things. 

Place your order for paper bags now, and let us help your brand become environmentally friendly.