Brown paper bags are an incredibly versatile packaging solution that can be filled with a variety of items, from groceries to gifts for special occasions. Not only are they environmentally friendly and reusable, but with a few simple touches, you can truly make them your own. 

In this blog post, Print Monkey explores some examples of how you can get creative with brown paper bag packaging, tips on getting started with your customized design, and potential challenges to keep in mind. Let’s get started!


When it comes to packaging solutions, brown paper bags have long been an economical and practical choice. They come in various sizes and shapes, making them suitable for almost any kind of item you need to package up. But if you’re looking for something more than just functional – something that speaks volumes about your brand or event – then consider these creative brown paper bag packaging ideas.

Benefits of Using Brown Paper Bags for Packaging

Not only are brown paper bags aesthetically pleasing, but they also have several other benefits worth considering. 

Firstly, from an environmental standpoint, they’re highly sustainable and completely recyclable too! This is great news for businesses that want to remain green-conscious and reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible. Additionally, because brown paper bags are generally reusable (depending on the item stored in them), customers don’t need to buy multiple containers, which will eventually end up in landfill sites when discarded. 

Another great thing about using brown paper bags for packaging is the cost savings associated with them. Compared to plastic or other forms of packaging materials out there, they’re usually much cheaper, so businesses don’t have to worry about breaking the bank when purchasing their supplies.

Examples of Creative Brown Paper Bag Packaging Ideas

Now let’s take a look at some of the many creative ways you can use brown paper bag packaging:

  • Embellishing Brown Paper Bags with Patterns and Colours: One way to make your product stand out is by adding patterns or colours onto the bag. This could be done through screen printing or stamping techniques (more on this later). Patterns could include anything from waves and stripes to chevron designs or even polka dots! By livening up the design with bright colours like blues and greens, oranges and reds, you can bring the product alive in no time!

  • Using Different Shapes and Sizes To Create Unique Designs: If plain rectangular shapes aren’t cutting it for you, consider getting creative with different shapes, such as stars or circles! You could even go a step further by creating 3D designs such as pyramids or cubes – adding additional layers of creativity that customers won’t soon forget!

  • Reusable, Sustainable Brown Paper Bag Packaging Solutions: Another great thing about using brown paper bags is that they’re generally reusable depending on what item they store – making them an excellent option for those who value sustainability over all else. For example, if you’re selling food items like cookies or crackers, why not package them in these affordable yet durable packages? They’re sure to keep fresh longer while also serving as a reminder of your company every time someone uses it again after purchase!

Getting Started With Your Own Creative Brown Paper Bag Packaging Ideas

If you’re interested in experimenting with custom-designed brown paper bag packaging solutions, then here’s what you’ll need and where to find it:

  • Supplies Needed: Depending on what type of custom design you’re going for – whether it’s simple illustrations/patterns printed onto smaller gift bags or intricate 3D designs made from larger ones – here’s a list of supplies required: blank brown paper bags (in varying sizes), ink stamps/stencils/molds (for patterns/illustrations) glue/adhesive tape (for 3D designs), scissors (for cutting/shaping).

  • Where To Find Them: You’ll likely be able to buy these supplies online via sites such as Etsy or Amazon; however, if cost is an issue, then local craft stores usually carry them too – just ask around!

  • Tips For Crafting Your Own Custom Design: Once you’ve gathered your supplies, there are some important tips worth keeping in mind when crafting your own custom-designed packages: keep it simple initially until you get used to working with different shapes/sizes; experiment until you feel comfortable enough designing complex 3D structures; add pops of colour here & there throughout the design process; use stencils/molds sparingly & carefully so not overwhelm yourself (or others!) with too much detail.

Brown paper bags are an incredibly versatile and sustainable packaging option and can be used to create some truly unique designs. With a few simple additions like colourful patterns or 3D structures, you can make them your own in no time! When it comes to getting started with your own custom brown paper bag packaging ideas, remember to keep it simple until you’re comfortable enough to start experimenting with more complex structures.

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