Unique gift box packaging is a trend these days. They add sparkle to your gift and make it unique and extra special for the recipient. Gifts are the best and the most memorable part of every occasion and are cherished at every occasion and celebration. 

But what if your gift looks less pleasant than you had hoped or expected? This moment can be disappointing for you and the receiver as well. If you want to create memories and moments for the people you care about by giving presents, make sure they are impressive and appealing. 

If you are tired of standard gift boxes and looking for new ideas, Print Monkey is the way to go, as they are packaging gift boxes in the UK with the best results. 

This blog features some spectacular gift box ideas you can try next time you give a gift to someone. Let us jump into creativity and learn ways to make gifting fun and attractive.

Customised Gift Boxes

A customised design on the gift box can create a unique and personalised look for the packaging. The design can include the recipient’s name, a special message, or a logo. This can be done through foil stamping, embossing, or debossing. This packaging works well for gifts like personalised stationery and customised wine bottles.

Minimalistic Gift Boxes

A minimalistic design can create a timeless look that complements the gift. A cardboard box with a plain white or black base and a minimalist logo or brand name printed in metallic colours can create a sleek look. For a simpler yet elegant look, you can also go for pastel colours and light prints. This packaging works well for gifts like candles, small home decor items, and jewellery.

Nesting Gift Boxes

If you have multiple gifts to pack and do not want separate boxes, nested gift boxes are the perfect option. The gift boxes are placed inside each other, with the smallest box at the centre, and can be decorated with ribbons and bows. This packaging works well for gifts like gift sets, gourmet food hampers, and luxury bath and body sets.

Final Thoughts

The packaging design should represent the personality of the gift, and the wrapping should contribute to the overall appeal of the packaging. Not only does the packaging protect the present, but it also adds to the excitement of the gift-giving experience. Gift box packaging can be a piece of art with a little imagination and thought.

Print Monkey is a great option for customised packaging gift boxes in the UK. We provide the highest quality gift boxes and services you can trust easily. Have an exciting experience with us, and give special gifts to the people you love.