Cardboard is a popular packaging material widely used by every other business. It is a great packaging option for different products because it is easily available in different shapes and sizes, durable, affordable, and recyclable. It comes in different forms, such as rigid boxes, tubes, collapsible boxes, etc.

Enhancing your packaging is a great way to increase your brand visibility as it attracts more potential customers, which builds a higher chance of boosted sales. To make printed cardboard tubes, you can choose various printing methods discussed below.

Flexographic Printing

Flexographic printing, also known as flexo printing, is a popular cardboard printing method. This process involves creating a flexible printing plate and transferring ink onto the cardboard. Flexographic printing is often used for high-volume printing jobs, as it is a quick and efficient method. It can also be used to print on various materials, including corrugated cardboard.

One of the benefits of flexographic printing is that it is cost-effective for large quantities. It can also produce high-quality, vibrant images with crisp detail.

Digital Printing

Modern printing techniques like digital printing have grown in popularity recently. In this procedure, a digital printer prints an image straight onto the cardboard. Since digital printing has no setup fees, it is perfect for short runs and produces images of excellent quality and vibrant colour.

Digital printing has many advantages, including being highly customizable and enabling you to print various images and designs; however, this technique can be slower and more expensive than other printing methods.


A popular printing technique on cardboard packaging is rotogravure printing, also called gravure printing. This method engraved a picture onto a cylinder and inked over it. Pressure is then applied to the ink to transfer it to the cardboard substance, producing an image with excellent detail.

The ability to create prints with sharp detail and vibrant colours is one advantage of rotogravure printing. A highly detailed picture can be produced by the engraving cylinders used in printing by producing tiny dots and fine lines. Additionally, several materials, including cardboard and plastic, can be printed using rotogravure printing.

Lithographic Printing

It is a popular printing method for cardboard packaging. This process involves transferring ink from a printing plate to a rubber blanket and then onto the cardboard. Lithographic printing can produce high-quality images with accurate colours and fine details. It is ideal for printing large quantities of high-quality images and can produce detail on various materials, including coated and uncoated cardboard.

Why Should You Consider Printing on Packaging?

Printed packaging for a brand adds up to its branding, and customer awareness portrays relevant information and ensures the protection of the products. Businesses must consider packaging strategies and develop unique ideas to boost their sales.


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