As the world is quickly changing and people are looking for more sustainable living options, businesses are also aiming to fulfil this need of their customers by providing them with sustainable packaging options. People don’t want to use packaging and then add to the waste in the world. Instead, they want to use packaging material that can be used for different things. Printed cardboard tubes can be used for several things, even after being used as packaging, and in this blog, we will discuss some of those uses that make this type of packaging healthy and sustainable.

Boot Trees

One of the many uses of cardboard tubes is that you can use them to keep the shape of your boots intact. Oftentimes the tops of your long and flexible boots develop ugly creases, and the shape gets ruined. You can insert these cardboard tubes in the boots, and it helps them stay upright, so the shape stays intact, and whenever you take them out of the closet, they are as good as new.

Kids’ Artwork

If you are a parent of an art lover, you must be worried about artwork lying in your house all the time. It can be difficult to store and protect every artwork your precious child creates, but cardboard tubes make it possible. You can roll the artwork and store them in cardboard tubes until you want to see them again. This allows the artworks to stay protected, and you can still find them if your kid wants to see them again.

Plant Guard

Cardboard tubes are also a great use for plant lovers. Having plants in the house is always a good feeling, and it keeps the environment fresh. However, it can also be a lot of work. You might accidentally scar a baby plant while whacking weeds around it. Cardboard tubes can be used as plant guards to protect the young tree. You can simply wrap it around the trunk and work around it. You can remove the tube and place it on another trunk when you are done.

Important Documents

We all have some achievements and documents that we need to protect all our lives. Everyone is not as responsible when it comes to documents, and to solve this problem once and for all, cardboard tubes have the best solution. Instead of folding the documents and keeping them in a chest, you can roll them in the tubes and then place them in a chest. This prevents the documents from creasing and also keeps them away from any kind of damage.

Crease-Free Clothes

Tablecloths and napkins get creases when they are folded after laundering, and to avoid this, cardboard tubes can be used in a different way. You can wrap the cloth around a cardboard tube, and it will prevent the cloth from getting creases. You can use long cardboard tubes for tablecloths and small tubes for napkins.

Printed cardboard tubes are the right choice if you are looking for sustainable packaging options. Reach out to Print Monkey, and they will deliver your order to your doorstep as soon as possible.