Only the bakers can know the importance of the right packaging for cupcakes as they put their hard work into baking and want everything to look pitch-perfect. Choosing the right type of packaging for your bakery business is important as you want your customers to receive their orders in the best quality. Different types of packaging are made for different baked goods, and to choose the right one, you need to have a good understanding of each type. Following are the types of cupcake boxes that would enhance the customer experience.

1. Customised Cupcake Box

Many bakeries choose this type of packaging for their goods because it helps them make a statement with their packages. There are many benefits of using customised packaging for your product. First and foremost, you can design it however you want. You can share your ideas with Print Monkey and let their team create the magic, so if you have specifics about how you want your brand’s packaging to look and can’t find something that fits your ideal. Customised cupcake box packaging is the way to go.

2. Kraft Paper Cupcake Box

Paper bag packaging has been making the rounds in recent years. People have become more thoughtful about the world’s environment and want to work towards sustainability. This has made kraft paper cupcake boxes popular as well. They are recyclable and environmentally friendly. So if you want to create your brand’s image as eco-friendly, this type of cupcake box packaging is the best choice for you.

3. Cupcake Box With A Window

One of the most beautiful types of cupcake packaging is the box with a window. It allows you to see the decorated cupcakes from outside without opening the box. This way, the customers can see their appearance without opening the perfect packaging. Many customers opt for this type of packaging these days, and they are usually very popular in the holiday season when people bring sweets and cupcakes to each other’s houses. If you want beautiful-looking packaging that can be popular in holidays, the packaging with a lid might be the game changer.

4. Cupcake Box With Ribbons

You can decorate your cupcake boxes as much as you want. There is nothing TOO MUCH when it comes to the beauty of baked goods’ packaging. When you put so much effort into making the bakery items so beautiful and colourful, it only makes sense that you want your packaging to look just as beautiful. Customers should want to open the boxes, and it can only happen when you hype them up with beautiful packaging. There are different types of ribbons and embellishments you can do on your packaging to provide that beautiful experience to your customers.

5.Cupcake Box With Holder

Usually, cupcake boxes come with holders for a specific quantity of cupcakes. There are boxes for 12 cupcakes, and there are also boxes for six cupcakes. It depends on the order, and you can get the right size holder for your cupcakes. It is better to keep different sizes available, so in case a customer comes with an order, you can provide them with the product without any problem.

If you want customised cupcake boxes for your baked goods, reach out to Print Monkey. Our designers will make sure that you get your ideal cupcake packaging at an affordable price.